1/2/2019 – The Blender Backblast

Posting on 1/1 would have been hard enough. Q’ing might have been impossible. So why not pick 1/2/2019 to lead the PAX to get better. PED, Fridge, Spreadsheet, Blueprint, Messy (FNG), Snowman, Plumb Bob, Grinder, Sherpa, Escort, Digiorno, and Sump Pump (Q) joined in what Messy called FUN!

Weather: 35-40 degrees. Perfect

5:30 Game Time — We circled up and checked for FNGs. A super pumped Brazilian dude named Jonas showed up keeping the promise that he had made at a New Year’s Eve Party. Disclaimer was given to all as a reminder that I am not a professional and that modification may be needed.

A quick mosey to around the school for COP.

SSH – 15 IC
Grassgrabbers – 20 IC
Downward dog
Calf stretch
Runner stretch

Thang 1
Mosey down to the coupon garden – Grab a coupon.
25 curls – IC
25 mountain climbers – IC
25 overhead presses – on your own
Hold the overheard for the 6

Thang 2
Not done with the coupons yet. Mosey with the coupons around the school to the front the portico.

Thang 3
B.O.M.B.S are next
Partner up. P1 runs to the back corner of the parking lot and back. While waiting for P1, P2 begins the below and is relieved by P1. All counts are cumulative:
50- Burpees
100- Overhead Claps
150- Merkins/Derkins/Abyss
100- Big Boy Sit Ups100- Squats

Thang 4
• Ascending Testicles – Start with feet on wall in 15 degree descending. Do 10 Derkins then walk feet up wall to 45 degree. 10 more Derkins then walk feet up wall to full Balls to the Wall pose. 10 derkins or hold the pose.
• 2 man wheelbarrow race across parking lot and back. Each HIM completing 1/2 of the leg. Short on time or we would have gone again.
• We lined up facing the school with every other PAX holding a coupon. The first man would begin passing the coupons to his right and then AYG to the end of the line to grab the next coupon. We did this for about ½ of the parking lot.
• Carried the coupons back to the coupon garden and then over for COT.

There are multiple events posted on slack. Intentions were given for all of those in need.

Prayers were given for all of those that are spending their first holiday or year without loved ones. We then asked the Man upstairs to give us the courage to look today in the eye and conquer whatever life has to offer us today and beyond. Happy 2019!

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