O – B.O. Backblast 1-7-19

Beautiful 48 degree morning for mid January. Couldn’t beat it for the back to school post with a great group of PAX.

PAX – PED (Q), Vincent (R), Sadie, Plumb Bob, Pepperoni, Blueprint, Patchwork (FNG), Snowman, Grinder, Buschhhh, Tron.

Disclaimer given and FNG welcomed. Mozied around to the tennis court and picked up coupons and went to the tennis court for warm up.

Warm up- Grass Grabbers 15 (IC), SSH 20 (IC), downward dog, cobra, and runner stretch.

Thang 1 –
Groups of three partnered. Partner one was on the ground holding partner two ankles. Partner one would lift his legs while partner two would push them to the ground without touching. Partner three would farmer carry two coupons to the end of court 3 and do 10 SSH (SC). Everyone rotated and did it three times.

Thang 2 –
Mozied to the running path and started the loop. At every other light we did 5 BOYO’s. (it started with every light until I realized how close together they are). About halfway around the running loop we stopped and did a merkin bear crawl across the field to the other side. Once to the other side we headed back to the tennis courts continuing to stop at every other light and do 5 BOYO’s.

Thang 3 – Mary
Big Boy’s 20 (SC)
Rosalitta’s 20 (SC)
American Hammer 15 (IC)
LBC 15 (IC)

Thang 4 Jack Webb
Old school jack webb for the start of school. Did merkins and air press.

Returned the coupons and went back to the flag. Named a FNG and gave intentions. Great way to start the day!


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