01.05.2019. Back Blast. 4 Saturday’s — 4 Churches. Week 1 @ Holy Trinity.

When: 5:00pm


Where: Holy Trinity Parish (The Mutt)


Q: The Holy Spirit


# of PAX: 12


PAX: Glen Ross, Big Bird, Le Pew, Gilligan, Meter Maid, Abacus, Aerobie, Mama’s Boy, Storm Trooper, Fridge, Windshield, and Miyagi



YHC got to his home parish, Holy Trinity right around 4:30, where he quickly found the seats that had been reserved for the group. After dropping off his coat he went to the gathering space to greet the HIMs that were on their way. Time passed, and no one was there yet. YHC was getting nervous the night might turn out to be a flop. With about 10 minutes before mass was to start in walks Aerobie, along with his M. YHC was happy to see a familiar face!


A few moments later the flood gates opened, and in walks a significant number of HIMs, and some with family. Arobie and I discussed a quick game plan to walk in around 4:55 and keep an eye out for anyone as they were walking in. We quickly realized the 2 rows that we had on reserve wasn’t quite enough space! We filled 3 rows, and a few more seats in a fourth row.


As mass began, the congregation were looking at us like we were the Grizwald family with the way we were squeezed into the church pews. The opening procession began, and quickly Meter Maid and Gilligan Learned that YHC is tone deaf. Oh yes, YHC loves to sing, but can’t sing even if it meant never having to do another BOYO ever again. After their ears were done bleeding, it was then time for the readings.


The 1st reading was, Isaiah 60: 1-6. the reader began reading about the light that shines through us due to the Lord, and how through the Lord we can be a light for the world.  The responsorial psalm was, Psalm 72; 1-2, 7-8, 10-11, 12-13. Here we heard how every nation on earth will come to adore the Lord, and he will rule with peace and justice. The second reading was Ephesians 3: 2-3A, 5-6. This was YHC favorite reading of the day. It spoke about how we are how Christ came for all of us. Not just the Jewish people, not just the apostles, but everyone. It showed Christ’s love for all people. Finally, in the gospel reading, Matthew 2: 1-12, we hear the story of the visit from the Magi. Here, 3 kings traveled to Bethlehem to visit Christ as he was born. Men of high class realized their power and class was only an earthly possession, and that Christ had come to be King of Heaven and Earth.


After the reading were through, we went to communion together as a community. It was incredible spending that time together with one another, our families, and Christ. It was a memory I will never forget. As the evening drew to a close we sang the final song, and then gathered together for some mumble chatter, and decided on El Nopal for dinner. My prayers were answered. We were going to a Mexican restaurant!


As we filed into El Nopal, our numbers grew with our appetite, as the employees slowly started to organize a series of tables that came together and ended up looking like the Last Supper. We took our seats, and a lot of 2rd F took place. By the end of the night I learned a few things:

  1. I’m not as crazy as I thought I was by signing up for the Star Course; Abacus wants to run it.
  2. Gilligan can do origami…well he can make men’s wedding bands out of the bands of paper that hold the napkin and silverware together.
  3. There is a difference between the black paper bands, and the green paper bands; the black ones are longer. I think you can guess what the next comment was.
  4. F3 might be in the works of putting together another, Tough Mudder, team! Stay tuned on Slack for more info to come!
  5. I thought I could hold my own when it came to alcohol (I mean, I am Catholic…); then I saw the man sitting behind Storm Trooper knocking out one hell of a big bloody Mary that consisted of two extra beers in sticking out of it, all while casually sipping on a Modelo. And that was just a night out with his wife and kids!
  6. The County HIMs travel in NUMBERS! T-Claps to that AO and their PAX. With that being said, I challenge all the other AO’s  to get out, and pay these guys a visit at a WO or at next weeks “4 Saturday’s — 4 Churches”!


With that we will wrap this up. Thank you to all the HIMs who came out and joined us this week! For those interested in learning more about “4 Saturday’s — 4 Churches” then check out the page on slack, or message Aerobie or Miyagi.




Signing off,

Child Please!

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