Big Mo Heavy @ The Vet – Back Blast 1/14/19


Weather 31 degrees, cloudy

PAX (12) – Worm, Carlose, Pilgrim, Hot Wheels, Vacuum,  Huggies(Q), Weedwacker, Meatball, Tony Malito, Flounder, Plumb Bob, Gangplank

My first official Q of the heavy workout.  I’ve posted at this workout a few times before and it’s been great.  You really have a lot of options in terms of equipment.  Big thanks to Snow Day for letting me borrow the pipes, sand bags and semi-truck tire.


Mosey 1 lap


15 Grass Grabbers IC

15 Imperial Walkers IC

Mosey over to the old parking lot

The Thang

Station work

Station 1 – Ruck Merkins – Merkins to failure with ruck, without ruck and knees

Station 2 – Kettle Bell Swings AMRAP

Station 3 – Ruck Merkins again

Station 4 – Sandbag squat and pass to partner

Station 5 – Oblique sandbag hand off to partner

Station 6 – Wheel barrow run – Push a wheel barrow about 8th of a mile containing about 150 lbs.  After WB runner finished we’d switch stations.

Station 7 – Semi-truck tire flip with partner

Station 8 – Pipe squat lift

Station 9 – Pipe tricep extensions with each arm

We moseyed back to the flags.  We had just enough time for 5 burpees.




It was an honor.  My arms are really feeling it today. Can’t wait until next time.

Huggies out.



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