Apologies for the delay in getting this out there…one of them weeks! 😬

As per my Slack “pre blast” my intention, selfishly, was to have this a run “focused” Q.  Also my VQ at the O, so some extra juices/nerves in planning.

PAX 7: Scuba Steve, FloJo, Snowman,    Patchwork, PED (🎂), Blueprint, Pepperoni (Q)

Thing 1: Mosey to tennis courts to stretch out

SSH, Grassgrabbers, Imperials Walkers, Downward Dog, Runners stretch, Kendra Newmans

Thing 2: Jog the O loop, brisk pace, meet back at the tennis courts

Thing 3: head to the Halfpipe 🏂, 10/20/10s (10 reps at the top, run to bottom 20 reps, sprint to top, 10 reps repeat back to beginning)

Merkins, Squat Jumps, Mountain Climbers

Thing 3: jog back to tennis courts, circle up for ~5 mins of core work

It was fun, we all got better.



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