The Nest – Back Blast – 01/26/2019

PAX:  BigBird, Le Pew, Trekkie [2.0], The Bus [2.0], Gisele, PK, Viking and Jolly Rancher [Q].

WEATHER REPORT:  28 degrees and 74% humidity – felt great after the first 2 minutes.

I arrived about 10 minutes early to do a little setup and was quickly met by PK.  Once the setup was done and some good morning mumble chatter, I began to wonder if it would only be the two of us.  Then, headlights started to emerge.  BigBird rolled in as I was doing the disclaimer, so I ran an audible and did 10 quick Merkins so he could exit the vehicle safely without injury before we hit the mosey.  As we completed the Merkins, I looked up and saw BigBird next to his car rocking them out with us — attaboy!  Next, we were off for a mosey around the campus up to the front parking lot for some COP, which included:

SSH – 35x [incredibly hard to count cadence in the cold!]
Imperial Squat Walkers – 20x
Abe Vigodas – 20x
Bat Wings – 10x forward circles, 10x backwards circles, 10x seal claps, 10x overhead claps
Downward Dog, Calf Stretches and Runners Stretches

Mosey to the back of the campus to the coupon cache to pick up our bounty for the Thang and then on to the large parking lot in the back to earn our Saturday.

THANG 1.0:

Split the PAX into groups of three and told them to mosey to one of three stations with their coupon.  Each station was a specific body group:  upper, lower, and core.  Instructions were to do 20x reps of the first workout at their station, rotate clockwise to the next station to do the first workout at station two, and then rotate clockwise to the third station to do the first workout there.  Rinse and repeat until all of the five workouts at each station were complete.  Stations included:

Incline Merkins w/ Coupon
Overhead Presses w/ Coupon
Curls w/ Coupon
Decline Merkins w/ Coupon

Squat w/ Coupon
Step Ups
Monkey Humpers
Forward Lunges
Calf Raises

Pickle Pounders
Weezy Jeffersons w/ Coupon Overhead
Big Boys
Pickle Pointers

After the above circuit was done, I informed the PAX I had good news and bad news:  the good news was that we crushed that Thang and had plenty of time – and the bad news was that we had plenty of time.  Problem was YHC didn’t have a Thang 2 planned…you see, I’ve never been great with time management.  So, another audible was called.

THANG 1.1:

PK mentioned to me during the banquet that he didn’t want to run a lot on Saturday, which is why he came to The Nest.  Debatable if that was because YHC was the Q [who hates running] or if he just thinks us County Boys are soft.  So, my audible was to run Elevens — Squats first and then run to the other side of the parking lot next to the median for Merkins.  Provided the PAX some extra credit options for using the coupons on their Squats and to run “all you got” to the other end for the Merkins and then Bernie Sanders back.  Not shy to admit it, but I only made it one round for the “all you got” and Bernie Sanders [modify as necessary!], but the majority of the PAX continued with the madness and extra credit options.  Straight A’s for everyone.  All in, the good ‘ol trusty iWatch suggested we did a little over 3.0 miles — suck it, PK!

We returned the coupons and on the mosey back to the flag the church bells began to ring.  A quick check on my watch suggested we still had another two minutes.  As we waited for the six, it was clear that everyone was content with relying on the church bells as the official F3 County Timepiece — so we called it.



Announcements – Including the results from the Love the Hungry event at St. Al’s where they doubled the amount of meals prepared which was almost 20,000.  T-claps to BigBird for rallying the PAX around this effort.

Intentions – I told the PAX that I wish someone recorded Double Down’s acceptance speech of the F3 Courage Award at the banquet the night before.  It was a very heartfelt message about what this group has meant for him during his recovery.  Although I didn’t have open heart surgery, I could use the same words regarding each of the PAX that continue to push me along in my journey to get better.  I’m humble and honored to be in the gloom with you men and I’m thankful for all of you.  Said thanks to the Sky Q for giving us the health to do what we do and prayed that we are able to continue.

Until next time, stay jolly!

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