PAX: Viking, Abacus, Amelia, Mama’s Boy, Storm Trooper, Pew Pew, Ashley, Alexa, Jerry McGuire, McAfee, Big Bird, Deuce (Q).

The weather was probably a little better than expected.  Sure it rained, but it wasn’t bad and at least it wasn’t cold.

When I pulled into  the lot there were several cars already there, but no one to be seen.   I figured they all went to get Ghost Flag at the Mutt.  (I didn’t get the memo about the ruck.)  5:29 hit, and everyone who was there got out of their cars and it was time to start.  Disclaimer given and then off to start a lap around the school.

After the lap was complete, COP with SSHs, grass-grabbers, hillbillies and Kendra Newmans.

Thing 1 – 7s with catalina winemakers at one end of the back lot and donkey kicks at the other.  However, every time you crossed the middle of the lot (both ways) you did 4 burpees.  In addition to the winemakers and donkey kicks, that made for 48 burpees.

Thing 2 – head to the covered area on the back of the school and partner up, with one partner grabbing a coupon, but leaving it a little ways away from the covered area.  Partner 1 run down to the coupons for 25 curls while Partner 2 did AMRAP dips on the benches.  Repeat.

Next – partner 1 would run to coupons for 25 squats with the coupon while partner 2 did AMRAP stepups.  Repeat.

After that return coupons and finish with a little Mary.  20 American Hammers IC, 20 gas pumps IC, 20 big boys OYO.

COR and NOR followed by COT.  Thanks to Viking for recording NOR as I was having difficulties with my phone.  Announcements given (Big Bird’s M challenge still going on).  Intentions and prayers given.

Thanks to those who came out.  It was fun.



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