Backblast – 2/16/19. The Hurt @ the Mutt

As others on here have noted, something great about getting to lead is dealing with changing circumstances, and frequently at this time of year the changes are in the weather. I experienced this when I Qd at the Hurt last Saturday. I prepared the Weinke a few days ahead of time, before hearing forecasts for a winter weather advisory on Q day. Well, I changed it up the night before, but we never got the snow. Instead, conditions were chilly but dry as a bone. Interesting how that works out.

April (R)
Sump Pump
Aerobie (Q)

All 13 circled up including YHC. We did the disclaimer and went right into COP: 15 SSH, 15 grass grabbers I/C, 15 merkins, 15 groiners I/C, 15 jump squats. Then to continue warming up, we moseyed to the hill on the east side of the parking lot for about 5 sets of: mosey down the hill, Bernie back up the hill.

We moseyed over to our starting line and counted off for Thang 1, which I call high gear/low gear: round 1 – everyone sprint 30 yards and back, in high gear; round 2 – same distance but in low gear: odd numbers do farmers carry with coupons, evens do lunge walk; round 3 – do the sprint; round 4 – odds and evens switch the low gear exercise. Plank or Al Gore were done until lunge walkers got back after rounds 2 and 4. Four rounds is one set. We did about three or four sets.

Thang 2: a team of 3 or 4 Pax went to each corner in the area that had been marked out. From each corner, team member 1 carries his coupon to the center of the area to do an exercise, while his teammates remain in the corner and do a different exercise. Once team member 1 returns to the corner after doing an exercise, team member 2 take his place and so on. The exercises in the center began with world of merkins – incline style on the coupon. The team members in the corner would alternate Al Gore and boats/canoes (doing the b/c with six on the coupon was optional). After every team member had done the world of merkins, using the same format we switched the exercise in the center to coupon curls until everyone had done that exercise. Then squat thrusts with the coupons until everyone had gone to the center for that one. The alternating corner exercises remained the same throughout. (The corner exercises were going to have some Burpee’s included, until the false alarm with the weather forecast 😉

Thang 3: For this one we circled up and every person had a chance to pull one card at random, from a handful of cards from the F3 workout deck, including: Sprints, lunges, calf raises, Carolina drydocks, side straddle hops, plank jacks, flutter kicks, squats, Merkins – and the exercise on each randomly picked card went for the duration of time as follows: First exercise went for 15 seconds. Second exercise went 30 seconds. Third exercise went 40 seconds. Fourth exercise went 60 seconds. Everyone did each exercise together. Then the fifth person in the circle through the eighth drew the cards and it went in the same order of time. Then the ninth through the 12th went in the same order of time. Finally, the 13th pick was a 15 second rep and that concluded this Thang. I didn’t record the exact sequence, but I do remember The luck of the draw made it heavy on Merkins and Carolina Drive docks. Woof!

There were still about eight minutes left for some Mary, so we circled up and did stuff like Flutter kicks, gas pumps, Freddie mercury’s, dips, a 1-min plank (changing the arm angles periodically) lbc, and some big boys to finish out.

We circled up by the flags, had announcements, offered our needs and the needs of others to our Heavenly Father with a prayer, and then it was onto coffeeteria for those who could. Excellent morning, gentlemen of the Mutt. Thanks so much for letting me come and lead the work out!

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