2/21 Bayside backblast #KiloQ #DefeatTheFartsack


Lately many of us have been feeling like Homer here, YHC included.  It’s easy to make excuses to stay in the fartsack when the alarm sounds at 0500.  Find the accountability mirror and it becomes much easier to put two feet on the ground when the time comes.  Sometimes that means you HC to a workout you normally wouldn’t post at, maybe you ask a fellow pax to pick you up, maybe you tell a fellow pax member you’re going to pick them up.  At the end of the day it has to be YOUR decision to get in the gloom, whether its to get more fit, to spend time in fellowship, or to relieve stress.  We all have our own reasons we get out to “Get Better”.  Let yours motivate you, look in the mirror at night and tell yourself you’re going to do it, not just let someone else do it ALONE!

Leads me to this morning at Bayside, 8 strong HIM defeated the fartsack for a real snot woggler YHC had prepared.  It was a perfectly calm 38* no wind and perfectly lit by a near full moon.  Conditions 100!!!

Gearlander; Adidas winter running tights, blue long sleeve F3 louisville tee shirt, Fav. Neon Batman hoodie.





Fanny Pack






quick disclaimer and we were off for a mosey to the courtyard infront of Martha Layne Collins HS.


10 Grass Grabbers

15 SSH

20 Mtn. CLimbers



Mosey back to parking lot where YHC had 9 stations set up as follows;

35 lb. kettle bell squat curls

perfect pushups

ruck squats

20 lb. slam ball

ruck front shoulder raise

30 lb. kettle bell swings

35 lb. weight plate front shoulder raise

30 lb. ruck plate shoulder press

60 lb. sand bag clean and press


Each pax start at a station, 1 min. AMRAP

sprint the length of parking lot about 80 yards.

5 BOYOs at end of lot

Sprint back to stations

move to the station to the left.

Repeat 1 min. AMRAP and run until 0610

we got in 12 1 min. AMRAPs 24 sprints and 60 burpees


finish with some new mary exercises i learned from a 15 min ab workout video.



Prayers for Worm his M and worm jr. Who is due in the next couple weeks.  Thankful for healthy children and families.

Did y’all hear there’s a ruck on March 16th?  Mock starcourse is for everyone and anyone can complete!!!  Push yourself past your comfort zone, you’re capable of so much more!!!


I love you all!


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