3-2-19 BackBlast- The Max @ Bayside- Saturday Sadie Q

I’ve been given the nickname “Saturday Sadie” by the Bayside PAX. For good reason.. as I rarely make it to a Saturday workout. Between the 4-5 months per year of hunting season, and weekend the only time I have to hunt, so I’m out in the field. With the other 6 months I just don’t feel like getting up on a Saturday!

However, we changed that today with Saturday Sadie showing up and surprising the PAX with a good ole fashioned beat down.

PAX: Birdie, DoubleHeader, Gilly, SixPack (R), Sadie (Q)

06:00 disclaimer and Mosey to courtyard to circle up.


30 SSH (IC), 25 AbeVigottas (IC), 15 GrassGrabbers (IC), Plank Stretch.

Thang 1: Circle Of Death

Run around the courtyard circle stopping at 4 points around to do workout.  10 reps each.


X’s 3: Dips, big boys, Merkins, jump lunges


X’s 3: Derkins, Freddie mercuries, squats, box cutters


X’s 3: Box jumps, rosalitas, courtesy lunges, incline Merkins

Thang 2: 1 Minute Intervals

Shoulder Taps, Ace & Gary’s, Pickle Pounders

We were all spent and called it to circle up.

Announcements, intentions, closing prayer.

-Saturday Sadie out


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