Nothing better than starting off the week with a WO. I had nothing better going on at 5am. (Personal note: first time that I Q’d that I wasn’t up most of the night…so that’s progress.)

Pax: Fallboy (R), Plumb Bob, Pope, Geppetto, Blueprint, Wham!, Pepperoni (Q)

Weather: a chilly 29 but certainly did not stop Pope rocking a tank.

Disclaimer given, moseyed around the tennis courts. Standard “Mutt” warmup

SSH, Downward dog, runners stretch, etc, repeat SSH just to get the blood flowing

Thang 1: Native American run the loop, (almost) all the way, detour to the cal da sac.

Thang 2: Halfpipe BLIMPs, ok wheels fell off here. I talk fast, I did not give clear instructions, control was lost. (Leason learned!!)

Plan was for the below exercises at top, bottom, top, bottom, top wait for the 6 onto the next exercise.

15 Burpees

15 Lunges

15 Imperial Walkers

15 Merkins

15 Plankjacks

The above was done, just not as orderly as I would have liked it. We probably would not have had time complete my original plan anyway. I also learned that Geppetto has a List, and now I’m on it 🙁

Moseyed back to the tennis court for some merry which included LBCs, Freddie Mercury (x2), a couple rounds of Elevators, Big Boys and ended with spelling out “HAPPY MONDAY” with our feet.

COT: Annoucements. Intentions stated, prayers to Plumb Bob’s friend who just left for mission work in Africa and all out there trying to make this world a better place. Double Down! Prayers to those traveling for Spring Break in a few weeks.

Great way to kick off a week. Definitely not my A game tomorrow a Q standpoint. Leasons learned. I’ll have to redeem myself. (And get off Geppetto’s list!)

Always an honor,


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