3/25 BlackOps at the O BackBlast

Pax: Geppetto, Backdraft, Pork Chop, Fergie, Fridge, Plumb Bob, PED, Glen Ross (Q)

Conditions: Moderate rain at the start, but temps were good.  Would have been perfect without the rain

I picked up this Q earlier today……at 5:31am.  I guess I was the first one out of the car, so here we go.  Started with reverse mosey to CAL for some shelter—lot of mutt guys out today and we enjoy a nice portico on days like today.

Head over to the covered benches for warm up and stretching.  Also mixed in some mary while there too.

Didn’t have a weinke planned—so I already forgot most of this.  Rain started to die off and we did native American run back to tennis courts.

Next we did 2 rounds of 100 (each corner we knocked out 25) and the final round we doubled up for 200 (50 at each corner)

One corner was all merkins, one corner was coupons (curls and overheads) another was lunges and the other was jump squats.  Wasn’t a facemelter but a good start to the week and solid 2nd F today.

Wrapped up at 6:15 for COT


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