BB – Flo Jo at the O3/21….Da Da Da Dut da dah!

Charge!  With baseball just a week away, I loosely likened our workout to some good past times.  8 strong showed up for a killer workout (Violet, OJ, Shiplap, Who Dey!, Tammy Faye Baker, Gillespie, Trump, Flo Jo (QIC)).   Quick disclaimer, then headed to pick up some coupons on our way to Cogan’s Cove for a good hill workout.

Started with warm ups:

Downward dog/Calf Stretch/Runner’s Stretch

5 Boyos

Abe Vigodos x 15 IC

Imperial Walkers x 15 IC

Copper Head Squats x 15 IC

Mountain Climbers x 20 IC

Ready to start the hill.  In honor of my favorite player, Pete Rose (Bet on it!), we did a series of 14, but counted by 2’s…..

12 lunges IC, followed by all-you-got to the top of the hill to pick up coupons, 2 squats IC

Mosey down….

10 lunges IC, all-you-got to the top, 4 squats IC

8 lunges IC….you get the idea, all the way down to 2 lunges IC and 12 squats IC.

Nice leg burn, then back to the tennis courts for a woof of a beat down.

Made the court a diamond (like in baseball).  Home plate = Burpees, 1st base = Merkins, 2nd base = straight arm coupon raises (modify to coupon swings if needed), 3rd base = Coupon overhead press.  Started the clock, and you go with one burpee, then mosey to 1st for 2 merkins, mosey to 2nd for 3 straight arm raises…..keep moseying, and keep counting up for 23 minutes!  Got to 17 burpees, and heard the pain, so let them counts down from there.  Take me out to the ballgame on the speaker marked the finish, and off to COT.

Time ran out on us quickly, over for a brief COT, finished with a quick prayer and our father.  Nice work PAX!

Flo Jo

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