Through dumb luck and Siri’s spell check I texted the PAX of the county that YHC was going to steal their soles ITG. Mostly, the PAX hate the idea of running long distances. YHC on the other hand enjoys running, so something had to give.

PAX – Shitzle (Down Range and R), Crockpot, Jolly Rancher, Big Bird, Momma’s Boy, Airplane, Pork Chop, Abacus Q

Moseyed around the Church for COP of various stuff and then began our 5,000 meter mosey with an Indian Run to Muirs Lane.

Before heading down Muirs we hammered out some merkins and Peter Parkers.

At the end of Muirs lane we regrouped for copper head squats and plank jacks.

Down Central to Rollington. At the St. Al’s cemetary we planked up and knocked down some mountain climbers.

To the stop sign of Rollington and we took a break for T-Merkins and Supermans.

Then to Rollington and Houston where we did some courtsey lunges and moseyed to the corner of Mt. Saint Mercy and Houston. We planked for the 6. Down Mt. Saint Mercy we did 1 burpee at each telephone phone on the right side of the road (11 in total).

We planked in front of the Church for the 6.

YHC led the PAX for Yoga. Feeling the soles were stolen we ended with corpse pose.

We had a quick COT and headed off for coffee.

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