BackBlast BlackOps The O Digiorno Q “Post Spring Break Blues”

YHC noticed there wasn’t a Q for today’s BlackOps at The O. Asked about it on Slack and Sump Pump was kind enough to tell me to pick it up.

Digiorno Q
PAX: Fall Guy (Rx2), Sump Pump, Plumb Bob, Trump, Digiorno

Conditions: 65 and muggy. Plumb Bob was confused for a moment, what are these drops of water dripping from his forehead.

We did this:

Mosey around to tennis courts
20 Hillbillies IC
25 Grass Grabbers IC
Downward dog
Runner’s stretch
Arm stretches
16 Copperhead Squats IC
10 Merkins OYO

Thang 1:
Stay at Tennis Courts
We all stayed together, plank for 6
10 Merkins
10 Squats
10 LBC’s
10 BombJacks
Run to Playground
10 Pull-ups
Run back repeato 4x

Thang 2:
Stay at Tennis courts
25 SSH
25 Lunges
25 Big Boy’s
25 Superman’s
Run to end of tennis courts
5 Burpees
Run back repeato 3x

Thang 3:
Double Tap 6
Start with 1 each, then work your way up to 6 each, then back down the ladder.
Do each movement slow, it’s not a race.
We made it up the ladder, ran out of time.

Good luck to all those HIM heading to Columbus for the Star Coarse.
Lifting all those in need up.
Asking all to be a positive influence on someone today.


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