Temple of Dune BB – Spring Break 4/2

This one is very late but with a dead phone and poor internet, it was all I could  do to keep up with some work issues and still pretend like I was on vacation.   I was glad to lead a spring break work out and a PAX of 7 with 2 FNG’s joined me for a you v. you challenge.  Iceman, Double Down, Methane, Snow Day, Diablo, FNG Trebek, FNG Stretch and Vincent – Q.

COT – SSH’s IC, Grass Grabbers IC, Downward Dog calf stretch, runners stretch the some shoulder stretches.

The Thang – March madness – No it was  Merkin Madness!!

We ran a ladder up then back down with merkins and up and back sprints.  20 merkins – one sprint.  40 merkins – 2 sprints, 60 merkins – 3 sprints, 80 merkins – 4 sprints, 100 merkins – 4 sprints, 80 merkins – 3 sprints, 60 merkins – 2 sprints, 40 merkins – 1 sprint, and 20 merkins to finish.  Squats were thrown out as a modification and the PAX stayed busy for about 25 minutes.

Thang 2 – Lt Dan’s 1-4 ratio of jump squats and lunges.  I think we made it through 8/32 and called it.

We wrapped up with some Mary to cap off the morning.

Name O’rama and coined “Trebek” and “Stretch”.  COT prayers and a wrap for the day.

A great morning in the Dunes.

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