4/18 Backblast St. Pats BO #movethemetal


Whats the best way to get back in the gloom after a couple weeks out resting and recovering from StarCourse?  Sign up for a Q, DUH!  St. Pats being new and YHC has never had the privelage to Q there so it was open and I jumped all over it.  I didn’t feel like running a ton so i decided I’d make it more of a heavy circuit and bring some toys along with me.  Rolled up early with PK in tow and ready to get started.


PERFECT 70 mild and crisp perfect TTT weather.


LuLu shorts smedium nike tank and ToughMudder headband



Kilo, NiceNSlow, Sweet Tart, Frosted Tips, Hot Wheels, PK, worm, PlumbBob


Started with slow mosey around the bottom parking lot.

Stretching was done to ready for the heavy circuit that was ready to inflict pain.


9 Stations

45Lb weight plate shoulder press

20Lb slam ball

50Lb ruck merkins

30Lb kettle bell swings

30Lb. Kettle bell shoulder press

35Lb weight plate curls

60Lb sandbag clean and throw across parking lot.  Lunge walk back with sandbag


pax shuttled through these stations and switched when the sandbag made it back across the parking lot.


Time allotted for 2 times through this circuit



Big shout out and thank you to the pax for prayers and messages for my family.  Enjoy Easter weekend with your family and come to convergence!!!!!




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