4/24 Backblast #TheBridge KiloQ


When Nino mentioned that the bridge needed a fill in Q, YHC remembered he was no longer site Q at TheTank and snatched up TheBridge opening faster than a pope burpee.  Always great to lead a workout at the AO where YHC made his first post.  That bridge has produced Beatdowns a plenty in the nearly 2 years F3louisville has been at the Posh.  Today was no different.


Absolutely perfect for F3.  55* clear skies light breeze.  Enough to produce a light sweat in shorts and a tee!



Nino, nice n slow, Iceman, mr kotter, dynomite, bob ross, lady bird, sand trap, sweet tart, methane, jitterbug, pew pew, retainer, mcafee, KiloQ


Disclaimer;  the following is a suggestion and I’m not a professional.  This is a dream and not reality.


25 SSH

25 Mtn climbers

Native American run over the bridge and to the fountain.  My fav part of this AO.


Partner up for Dora style board of pain.

Running partner goes all the way to the top of the bridge and back.  About 1/4 mile

150 HR merkins

200 Squats

100 burpees

300 donkey kicks

150 HR merkins

100 burpees

Pretty sure no one made it through the 2nd set of 150 HR merkins.

Slow mosey back to flags for COT.

noticed when we got to flags we still had 2 minutes of work.  So we finish with

10 BOYOs


Announcemets made for A-Olympics and GORUCK f3 custom tough.  Intentions for Slider son of Ice and for Mac on his interview today.  Be sure you check out St. pats if you haven’t.  BO been going on there for a few weeks and it’s a nice spot.  Thankful for the day!

Treat others the way you want to be treated.




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