BB: 04/13 Bayside & 04/24 BO @ ULGC

In thinking about a PB for 04/27, I realized I needed to complete a BB from my previous 2 Q’s

04/13 : The Max @ bayside

Glauc Q:   Charlois (r), Shuttlecock (r)

Mosey to courtyard,   numerous stretches that probably involved hillbilly walkers IC, SSH IC, and some plank stretching.

Mosey to Coupons.  Grab 1 Heavy,  and a set of the mini’s

Mosey (about 100 yards) to school entrance

SLOW shoulder Taps (40 count In Cadence) essentially holding the tap just bit longer

Mosey back

1:4 ratio   to 10:40 ratio  .  with heavy coups  1 (Curls)  :  4 (mountain climbers , holding plank on heavy coups)     really liked this combo..

Mosey 100 yards and do the same slow shoulder taps above, mosey back

30 second intervals.  completed 3 rounds (with mini coups)

Merkins, Merkin rows  (r), Merkin Rows (L), curtsey lunge (r), curtsey lunge (left)

mosey 100 yards and repeat another sequence 40 slow shoulder taps, mosey back

1 ) 10 : 40 ratio   – 10 (shoulder press)  ,  40 ( moutain climbers)

2) 10: 40 ratio – 10  (curls) ,  40 ( mountain climbers)

finish with 50 (IC) freddy mercury



BO: ULGC  04/24/19

Glauc Q:  Sadie, Charlois, Birdie, Thumbtack, Shuttlecock

A great spot with good lighting and a nice long hill..

Mosey around parking lot , back to start.. COP  (combo ssh, hillbilly walkers and plank stretching)

Run, UP the hill to the club house   10: 40 ratio  10 Merkins : 40 shoulder taps

run down the hill to beginning  10: 40 ratio   10 Jumping squats: 40 curtsey lunge

30 second intervals  :  1) slow merkin with thrust  2) box jumps (on pavement side walk, about 6 inches)  3) Freddy mercuries

Repeated the above sequence 2 more times … BTW that hill is about comparable to the hill running from shelbyville road to the parking lot at north posh, but a hint shorter.

Finish up with the official ab o rama  (Video of 10 min abs from 21 day fix) my inspiration for ab o rama

Glauc OUT!



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