Backblast PK 04.26.19


Strange what happens in the gloom, can influence and change one’s perspective for the day/week/year/life.  Getting up and choosing to date that daily red pill, may not make you vomit rainbows.  The side effect for my red pill does fill me with so much positive energy that I feel like I am.

Most times that I have Q’d I have been excited and get overly prepared and have my laminated wienke and am pretty hyped going into it.   This one, I had been distracted, insert excuse here, and I just was not feeling it.  I had drawn up the wienke the day before and left it at the office.  As the pax rolled in, the red pill was beginning to take effect.  With that the disclaimer was given, everyone was there on their own accord, and notified that I was not a professional and that they should modify as necessary.

Pax: Malito, Johnny on the Pot, Flounder, Rhythm, Meatball, Carlos’e, Drysdale, OJ, PK (Q)

After the disclaimer, everyone was already gathered around the seal in a circle so I promptly started the workout with 10 Boyos. 15 Abe Vigoda’s, 20 Imperial Walkers, 30 Side Straddle Hops. 10 Absolutions.

Mosey around the Memorial and over to the parking lot for some draft combine fun.  Called out Mario’s, High Knees, Butt Kicks, Carioca left and right on the way over.  Once we arrived at the Jeffersonian parking lot, the obstacle course was in full view.  Everyone was to line up a the Star Cone and perform either Bobby Hurley’s, Air Presses, or Squats in line until their turn was up.  First person in the line runs to the ladder and does fast footwork side to side through and up the ladder headed south.  Then to accelerate to the next section which was the shuttle run.  Shuttle through the cones to the next section headed east.  Side shuffle facing away from the grid, and switch halfway to facing the grid headed north.  Then final sprint back to the line headed east.  We did this for three rounds.

Next was a mosey down around the lower baseball field to the stone stairs.  There are five large stone “steps”.  Box jump up the steps equals 1.  Performed a round of 10.  Next 20 Dips.  Next Step Ups on the stairs, all the way up.  10 each leg all the way up.  Next 20 Derkins.

Pax were moving well, time was moving along as I anticipated, so it was time to get back to the Memorial.  Mosey back with a Billy Run, All You Got sprint, from the parking spots near the basketball courts.  Still plenty of time for one more item, Captain Thor, 1:4 ratio of Big Boys and American Hammers.  Pax finished strong and right on time.

We finished with a circle of trust.  Announcements were given about AO Olympics May 18th, the 22 challenge 5k ruck/walk also on May 18th, Drysdale is running the mini this week and is raising funds for charity.  A penny for every person he passes. Thanks were given about the Convergence to all the HIMs who put it on and were able to attend.  I had started the week in a funk, didn’t feel great about leading this workout but thanks to the HIMs from this workout I keep finding more strength and energy to try and move myself forward.  That being said I challenged the Vets Pax in attendance to fill the Q calendar for May.  Next week Carlos’e, Week after that (5/8) Rhythm, Week after that (5/15) Johnny on the Pot making his VQ, and Week after that (5/22) Drysdale.  I am looking forward to seeing what these HIMs put together.


Thanks again, and a shout out to OJ for educating me on who Mel Kiper is, and letting me know that the workout was topical to Draft Day, of which I had no clue.

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