Post-Blast – Crestwood Elementary Black Ops and 1 Year Celebration of the County 5.5.2019

Several weeks ago Airplane had posted a message about posting a Black Ops at Crestwood Elementary to celebrate the County’s 1st year. There was a lot of back and forth about the starting time. I ended up deciding on 7 AM. Outside of the fact that my three kids have gone or are currently going to Crestwood Elementary, it holds a special place to me. It was the location of my first post and lots of Merkins with Abacus and bear crawls with Airplane. I have come along way in the past year.

PAX- Little Jerry (R), Valdez, Jolly Rancher, Scratch and Dent, and Meter Maid (QIC)

I issued the disclaimer and we moseyed around the school.


Imperial Walkers 20 IC

Grass Grabbers 15 IC


Downward Dog

Runner’s Stretch

Hip Stretch


THANG 1 – Ladder

I had two cones setup. When time you came back to the 1st come you added an exercise each time. One full completion of the board would equal 90 Merkins, 120 Monkey Humpers, 140 Carolina Dry Docks, 150 Mountain Climbers (single count), 150 Shoulder Taps (single count), 140 American Hammers (single count), 40 Burpees as modified to squat after the first 40, 90 SSH (single count), and 130 Squats.

THANG 2 – Bear Crawl Merkins

This is one similar to my first post where my hips kept locking up. We beat crawled from curb to curb and did 5 Merkins for each curb.

THANG 3 – The Steps of Crestwood Elementary

Rarely do we ever get to use steps on our workout. We ended up going up and down the steps of Crestwood. 5 Big Boys OYO at the top and 5 squats OYO at the bottom. We kept rinsing and repeating until we stopped for Mary.


Flutter Kicks 25 IC

Freddie Mercuries 15 IC

Pickle Pounders 10 IC

NOR, COR, Announcements, Intentions, and COT

Happy 1st year for the County! Always humble to lead.

-Meter Maid

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