Back Blast: 7-May-2019 Tuesday #Loco at #theCounty 0530 Crock Pot Q

Weather: 55 deg F, clear, dry. Perfect for race day.
PAX: 27 (!)
Pew Pew
Double Down (R)
FNG – Speed Bump (Welcome!)
Little Jerry (R)
Jolly Rancher
Big Bird
Storm Trooper
Le Pew
Bulletin (R)
Mama’s Boy
Jerry Maguire
Scratch N Dent
Nice N Slow
Ladybird (R)
Crock Pot (Q)
Disclaimer / Welcoming an FNG
Warm Up:
Side Straddle Hops (IC): x15
Kendra Newmans (10 count forward, 10 count reverse)
Sprinkler (IC): x10
Good Morning (Bear Hug/Hulk) (IC): x10
Slooooooow Grass Grabbers (IC) x 10
Wide Stance Hold Left Heel (10 count)
Wide Stance Hold Right Heel (10 count)
Imperial Walkers (IC): x10
Toy Soldier (IC) x10
Thang 1 (Parking lot between islands):
High Knees
Butt Kicks
Bernie Sanders
50% all you got
*RACE* Shuttle Run
Carioca (down and back)
75% all you got
*RACE* 100m all you got
Lunge Walk
*RACE FOR AERIAL DISTANCE* Broad Jump/Bear Crawl Combo
*RACE* 400m dash to portico near playground
First arrivals plank up for the 6. T-claps to the PAX, who were all smoked after Thang 1. They weren’t holding back. Respect.
Thang 2 (Portico near playground):
Count off 1’s, 2′, 3’s.
Station 1 – 2 min AMRAP Merkins
Station 2 – 2 min AMRAP Big Boys
Station 3 – 2 min AMRAP Box Jumps
All PAX hit each station once.
Mosey back to island.
Thang 3 (Return to parking lot):
30# Slam Ball Toss (Zig Zag configuration)
*NOTE* YHC gave supplemental instruction to NOT attempt to catch the ball. YHC tried it (after receiving similar instruction). YHC is an idiot. Don’t be like YHC.
First PAX tosses the slam ball toward Second PAX, whom retrieves it. All other PAX do 1 rep of specified exercise. Second PAX tosses ball toward Third PAX, whom retrieves it. All other PAX do 1 rep of exercise. Got it?
Round 1: Burpees
Round 2: Prisoner Get Ups
Sweat Angels [IC] x10 (like Snow Angels but hands/feet stay 6 inches off ground)
Da Vinci [IC] x10
Flutter Kicks [IC] x10
Windshield Wipers [IC] x10
Planked Shoulder Taps [IC] x10
Superman/Banana (hands and feet 6 inches off ground, roll from belly to back with NO hands on Q command)
FNG naming – FNG quickly offered up an embarrassing story, which led to an original nickname assignment. YHC and Viking (who HL’ed FNG) had a quick conversation immediately after COT. FNG was upset about his nickname, so YHC made the executive decision to reassign. I didn’t want a nickname to deter him from returning, nor was the original story appropriate for all audiences. Due to the fact that FNG showed up on a speed drill day, and the fact that he won the first foot race (shuttle run), welcome Speed Bump!
If you’ve read this far, you’ll be one of the few to know that the hidden double entendre of the name Speed Bump is due to the friction in giving him an original name. YHC is sometimes clever like that.
Announcements- AOlympics rosters are due soon. Check Slack for County selections. Hit up the #rucking channel for details on the custom GoRuck tough event. $100 entry, over half the spots are already taken.
Message- Paul is a very visible and well known character in the Bible, as he wrote nearly half the new testament. What’s not as well known is he was the mentor of a guy named Timothy, whom he was equipping to take his place. In 2 Timothy 4:7-8 Paul says, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness…”
Today was largely a you vs. you race. However, in some cases, we raced against each other. But keep these words in mind today. Not every race you run will be with your feet, and not every crown you get will be golden. Run the races that matter, and give it ‘all you got.’
Intentions-None spoken, but I’m confident there are unspoken requests.
Closing prayer.
Until next meal,
Crock Pot

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