5.13.19 The Silo @ N Posh Back Blast

N Posh has been ever evolving. It started as N Posh, shortly thereafter, given the name The Silo. Then due to the site Q, the appropriately named addition “Beast Mode” Mondays was given and once more changed and emerged as “Run Heavy” Monday’s. You see, it may be cliche, but change is the spice of life. As a matter of fact, as our 4th core principle states, we are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion. That principle alone displays that change is necessary to keep one invigorated and enticed to return. As 0530 approached, I knew where I was. N Posh. Directly in front of me was The Silo. Hopefully all who were in attendance would get the impression that this was a “beast mode” type of sleighing and….we would definitely run. I knew Schotzie was showing cuz he told me he’d be there so I knew we were at least going to work but one by one PAX rolled in at o’dark thirty.

PAX: Abacus, Dunphy, Nice &Slow, Catfish, Schotzie, Viking, Sweet Tart, BigBird(QIC)

COP: Mountain Climbers 15 IC, Runner’s Stretch, Pigeon Stretch, Quad Stretch, Hamstring Stretch, Michael Phelps 10 IC, Bay Wings 10 IC each direction

Tabata: coupon squat push press

Box Jumps for two minutes. YHC wanted to gauge talent and a # to work for.

Mosey to the lower parking lot.

Once there, we would do All Outs for 100 meters down and back, down and back.

BBSU’s for two minutes. Once again YHC thought it important to have a # to shoot for.

400 meter dash as fast as you can or as slow as you need to.

Time was running short so we moseyed back to the flags.

Returned the coupons and had enough time for 30 seconds of Merkins.

We circled up for COR, NOR and COT

Spoke about A-Olympics, getting AO participation and registering.

Thanked the Sky Q for another beautiful start to the week and asked that he give us the strength to be a beacon of light to those that are in darkness.

Until Next Time,


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