5/21/19 The Rooster at the Mutt Back Blast

PAX: Alexa, Yogi, Fergie, Meatball, Geppetto, Mouth, Cowbell, Deuce, Fridge, Pork Chop, Big Bird, Mama’s Boy, Buschhhhh, Wham-o(R), Cornbread(R), Wall-E, Juicy, Glen Ross, Tureen, Tiger, Larry Flint, McAfee, Rih-Rih, Plumb Bob(Q)

Weather: Clear, around 60 deg, Ohio Valley humidity starting to creep up

When trying to plan my beat down I ran across F3’s Six Minutes of Mary.  It is a circuit with 11 exercises, lasting 24 seconds with a few breaks inserted.  I decided to use this as guide but instead of 24 seconds, it was 30 seconds of exercise and only 15 seconds of rest.  I also created a workout using the same format but with some coupon and upper body work.


  1. Curls
  2. Overhead Press
  3. Rest
  4. Inclined Merkins
  5. Mountain Climbers
  6. Rest
  7. Declined Merkins
  8. Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear back and forth
  9. Rest
  10. Upright Rows
  11. Coupon Swings
  12. Rest
  13. Bench Press
  14. Burpees


  1. LBCs
  2. High Flutter Kicks
  3. Rest
  4. Low Flutter Kicks
  5. Low Rosalitas
  6. Rest
  7. High Rosalitas
  8. V Ups
  9. Rest
  10. American Hammers
  11. Plank Jacks
  12. Rest
  13. Big Boy Sit Ups
  14. Oblique Crunches



THANG 3: Lt. Dans (1 Squat, 4 Lunges, …) For some reason this and Jack Webbs are my favorite exercises, such a simple exercise and pretty easy at the beginning but by the time it’s over you’re smoked.  When we made it to 10 and 40 we had about 2 minutes left so I threw in one more round and upped it to 11 and 44 just in case some of our beasts weren’t sufficiently hurting yet.

Circled up for Name-o-Rama, announcements, and a prayer.

We stayed in a circle for the entire workout and the 2nd F was really flowing.  The fellowship and friendships that are created and strengthened are what truly makes F3 special.  You HIMs are the reason I get up at 4:45, drive 15 minutes to the Mutt or the O (4:30 and 25 minutes if I venture farther east) and pay tolls 4-5 times a week.  I’ve joined a few gyms and went a few times a week for a few months but always got burned out. (Although the scenery is better.) Of course we all personally want to get better, but from what I’ve witnessed over the past few months, the real joy that we get from F3 is watching our brothers get better. This group keeps me motivated and for that I can’t thank you HIMs enough.


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