5/24/19 Backblast May Ruck Event #ScavengerHunt


A year ago, Wham! and I ran the May ruck event.  It was a good one but went far too long.  I believe we did over 13 miles in 4 hours.  I knew I didn’t want to tackle something like that again.  I think all of our monthly ruck events need to run just about 3 hours.  We tossed around a couple of ideas and came up with a Scavenger Hunt theme.  I had a general map outline of where I thought we might should try and hit to cover a decent amount of mileage for 3 hours.

Since we had the A-Olympics (that was a lot of fun) last week, the Friday night of Memorial day weekend was our only shot.  Apologies to those that may have wanted to come but couldn’t because of prior commitments.  I was a little concerned with turnout but I knew there was a decent amount of buzz in the air for a scavenger theme ruck.  19 HIMs turned out to have some fun.

Qdre’s – Wham! & OJ

PAX: Miyagi, Diablo, Fanny Pack (R), Tool Time, Retainer, Tammy Faye Baker, Tony Molito, Chestnut, Snowman, My Boy Blue (FNG-R), Viking, Tron, Jitterbug (R), Plumb Bob, Nugget, Seabass, Meter Maid

We counted off and split up into teams.  I gave each team a sealed envelope.  Each list contained a list of 20 items to find in the St. Matthews area.  I mixed up the lists so they’d be in different order when they were opened.  I didn’t want every team to head in the same direction.

Here’s the list.  I thought teams could get roughly 15-17 items out of the 20.

  1. Picture of Police car – 10 points
  2. Video of team doing 25 man makers (doesn’t have to be the full video) – 25 points
  3. Selfie with Frisch’s Big Boy – 15 points
  4. Selfie on a green at a golf course – 15 points
  5. Video of team doing pullups at a playground (10 each member) – 25 points
  6. Selfie at Wham! Island – 10 points
  7. Find a house for sale – 10 points
  8. Selfie with a dog – 5 points
  9. Video of team doing 2 min plank (doesn’t have to be the full video) – 25 points
  10. Selfie at Big Rock – 20 points
  11. Selfie with US flag – 8 points
  12. Picture of a white Lexus – 10 points
  13. Selfie in front of hospital – 15 points
  14. Picture of a car with Michigan license plate – 15 points
  15. Picture of a horse statue – 10 points
  16. Selfie in front of passing train – 30 points
  17. Video of team bear crawl/crawl bear the steps at the reservoir – 25 points
  18. Picture of PAX house – 10 points
  19. Picture of team on the other side of the reservoir – 10 points
  20. Picture of a Cemetery – 15 points

Each team will post to the #Scavenger channel throughout the night, at each post tally your score. 308 points are available.

With a quick disclaimer, teams were off and running.  I told them that I would send out a special bonus item sometime throughout the night that would be worth 50 points!

The Scavenger channel in Slack quickly exploded.  Teams were finding items rather quickly.


Our team made it to Seneca and we spotted a young girl walking her dog.  Great, here’s out shot to get a selfie with the dog.  “Excuse me, we’re doing a little scavenger hunt and we need a pic with a dog, could we take one with your dog?”  This girl gave us the “stranger danger” look and darted in the other direction.  We all got a good laugh out of that one.


We made it to Big Rock and I felt like grounding my young children for just having been there.  It was awkward teenage central station around there.  Cannabis was present in the humid evening air.

It was fun keeping up in the Slack channel with everyone’s progress throughout the night.  Around 9:30, Miyagi posted the first pic of a PAX house.  None other than good ol’ Dingo.  Wait, what?  Who’s Dingo?  Fake news.  Meter Maid called for a steward’s inquiry on this one.  I digress.

IMG_9617 (002)

**I’m questioning the validity of Chestnut’s photo of a cemetery.

The evening progressed and we still hadn’t found a picture of a car with Michigan license plates.  We darted through Southern Seminary’s campus and what do you know, there was a navy blue Chevy Cobalt with Michigan tags.  Boom, got it.  **Moment’s later, Molito is shown with a selfie with the SAME CHEVY COBALT that we found!!!  How did that happen?  We literally took a shortcut through the campus and this car was all the way in the back in the dark!

Ok – 9:45, time to send out that bonus!!

50 POINTS for a team selfie in the women’s underwear section at Target

Snowman called me for home cooking thinking I was close to the Target.  We were headed towards the reservoir so I didn’t think we could make it.

10:30 and our team had found just about all we could find given the 11:05 cutoff time so we turned in a little early and headed to Gerstle’s.  11:04 approached and the final and winning team arrived.  Plumb Bob, Meter Maid, Nugget, Seabass, and Jitterbug had made it to Target and back just in time.  Well done men!  Wham! even had sweet trophies that he handed out.

IMG_9610 (002)

Overall it was a great night of 2rd F.  These events don’t always have to have extra sand bags, logs, coupons, etc.  They can be fun, introduce people to Rucking, and strengthen friendships along the way.  Kudos to My Boy Blue (68-FNG-R) for making it out.  Apparently Tammy Faye Baker asked him too many times if he was alright.  I’m sure he gave him the “I am alright, how about you look?”

Excited for the capture the flag event here in June.  Kilo – get better brother.

Wham! and I appreciate all that made it out.  The Scavenger was a great success.  It still hits me every now and then that if you’d told me I would be leading a morning workout or a 3 hour ruck event a couple of years ago, I’d thought you were crazy.  F3 is truly special and has helped each one of us get better in so many ways.  AYE!








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