BackBlast – BlackOps #RunOps @theCounty Abacus Q 7/2/19

29 total PAX turned out to get better on Tuesday 7/2/19. The PAX were greeted by Bulletin’s Postanniversary and YHC leading a new edition #RunOps!

The County draws HUGE numbers every single workout. As the best AO in the region it’s easy to understand the draw. The air is fresh, the workout equipment is top notch (e.g., cushy playground with awesome pull-up bars and an endless supply of coupons), the PAX are awesome. What more could you want?

In response, #RunOps is gearing up to provide PAX an opportunity to accelerate fitness AND fellowship.

Bulletin issued the disclaimer and all agreed.

Beat Down:

Run PAX remained with main core for COP lead by Bulletin. At the end of COP, YHC issued the disclaimer with the added idea of watching for cars, Run PAX headed out on our 5K journey. RunPAX 5K 2JUL19

After arriving back with 8 minutes remaining, YHC smoked Run PAX’s abs with plank, big boy sit-ups, Saturday nights, LBC’s, Rosalita, Superman, Pilates 100’s, Leg Raises among others. The main PAX rejoined Run PAX for the Mary Beat Down. To properly recognize Bulletin’s Postaversy, YHC felt the pressure of smoking the PAX. Based on the groans and moans, the mission was accomplished!

RUN PAX – Dauber, Little Jerry (R), Cochran, Valdez, Abacus Q

COT with main PAX with Fungi Waterteria following!

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