7/2/2019 Bulletin Q – Postversary at the LOCO

Thanks for the great turn out for my Postversary Q. 24 PAX plus 5 from Abacus’ #RunOps event. Abacus’ crew stayed for COP before heading out on their run. The rest of us joined that group for Mary as we wrapped up the morning.

PAX on hand:

Mama’s Boy, Kimble, Lady Bird, Sand Trap, Wildflower, Fergie, Le Pew, Dauber (#RunOps), Airplane, Valdez (#RunOps), Little Jerry (#RunOps), Fungi, Jolly Rancher, Gisele, Big Bird, Crock Pot, Short Circuit, Goooal, Blart, Cochran (#RunOps), Red Wagon, Aerobie, Captain Crunchberry, Cowboy, Holler (FNG), Pew Pew, Pelican, Abacus (#RunOps – Q), Bulletin – Q

Disclaimer – I am not a professional – You are here of your own free will – Please modify exercises as necessary.  Fungi made sure everyone Agreed and reminded future Qs to get that verbal “Aye” from everyone present.

We began with the COP:

5 Burpees OYO


20 Abe Vigodos IC

Kendra Newmans

Slow Grass Grabber IC

Downward dog

25 Merkins

The #RunOps crew took off on their own.

The rest of us Moseyed around the rectory to knee wall at the Little Colonel Theatre for 3 rounds of 20 Dips and 20 Box Jumps.

Moseyed to the front school lot for 3 rounds of 20 deep squats and 20 lunges. Moseyed to the playground and counted off in 3s. 1s did pullups, 2s Merkins, 3s plank. 40 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest/rotate. Rinse and repeat until everyone had 3 sets of each exercise.

Moseyed to the big lot behind church for 3 sprints then joined the #RunOps group for Mary.

COT  Around the  Flag

Countorama/Nameorama/Named 1 FNG (Holler)/Announcements/Intentions – Our Father

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