7/8 BigMo Heavy BB KiloQ



This is the USS Missouri, the last commissioned US Navy battle ship in World War II.  This beast was where the Empire of Japan gave their surrender, effectively putting an end to World War II.  The Heavy WO on Monday’s at Vets is named after BigMo, to honor our veterans and because its bad ass!

7 Pax in the gloom including a DR for a kilo heavy full body beat down.

Kilo, Worm, Diablo, Carlose, Mayor DR (Toledo), Flounder, Thumbtack


Start with a little disclaimer then we were off with some stretches

Everyone instructed to pair up.

Each pair to grab a kettle bell and 2 dumbbells from the BigMo bone yard.


First Super Set

10 Dumbell thrusters

Kettle bell swings until other partner is done with thrusters

X5 sets


Second Super Set

10 Dumbbell Deadlift curl press

Kettle bell squat curls until other partner is done

X5 sets


Pax grabbed a weight and carried overhead hold for one lap around the monument.


weighted merkins to failure

X3 sets


finished with weighted Captain Americas

1:4 ratio big boy sit ups:American hammers



thank you to our friend from Toledo, Mayor, for posting DR with us.


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