Back Blast 11/28/19 Mutt/O Burpee Football

PAX(33): McAfee, Duckling, Snowman, Vincent(R), Soft Top, Flo Jo, Aerobie(R), Tammy Faye Baker, Whitney(R), Diablo, Blueprint, Sump Pump, KY, Nugget, PK, Miyagi, Slinky, Yoshi, Blowfish(F3 Naperville), Wham-O(R), Handbook, Kilo, Trump, Fridge, Bill Dance(2.0), Tightrope(FNGal)(2.0), Buschhhhh, Face, OJ, Stan Lee(2.0), Tee-Ball(2.0), Deuce(Co-Q), Plumb Bob(Co-Q)

WEATHER: 40deg, cloudy, light breeze

As expected there was a great crowd for this annual event.

Quick mosey around the school for some COP: 20 SSH, 20 hillbillies, 20 grassgrabbers, downward dog into calf stretches, into cobra.

THANG 1 led by Plumb Bob: We went on a short jog because of the 2.0s we had on hand.  We stopped at the first light pole for 10 merkins, 10 big boys at the next, and 10 squats at the next.  We repeated this pattern until as we traveled down Leland Rd to St. Matthews Ave., over on block to Brookfield Ave, and back to the school.

THANG 2 led by Deuce: The PAX circled up for a ring of fire. 10 merkins, 15 mountain climbers (IC), 10 merkins, 15 plank jacks (IC), 10 merkins, 15 donkey kicks, 10 mekrins all while holding a plank between each of the exercises. We followed this by a circle burp, shouting our F3 moniker as we clapped.  We repeated with another circle burp, this time doing two burpees.  Finally we repeated the ring of fire.

THANG 3: BURPEE FOOTBALL-The PAX divided into two teams with members of one team deciding it would be shirts v skins.  Others smartly decided it was just too dang cold to go shirtless.  Since there was no official scorekeeper for this spirited game I believe that it was a tie game and I dare anyone to prove to me otherwise.

Afterwards we circle up for COT led by Deuce.  Obviously his words of encouragement was about being thankful for the gifts we had and how thankful he and all of us were to have F3 as an important part of of our lives.

~Plumb Bob~


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