Back blast the Agony 1/30

14 PAX got better at the county today. Fergie, Hush Puppy, Focker, PorkChop, Abacus, Mama’s Boy, Double Down (R), Jerry Maguire (R), Holy Roller (R), My Pleasure, Red Card, Viking, Scratch N Dent, Airplane – Q. Conditions: partly cloudy, 29 degrees.

Quick mosey around to the front lot for COP: grass grabber (IC), toy soldiers (IC), downward dog, mountain climbers (IC). Mosey back to the flag.

The Thang: partner up. While partner one runs the .5 mile loop around the campus, partner two does 10 L L Cool J, 20 merkins, 30 Big Boys. R&R until partner one returns. Switch roles. We got log between 2.5-3 miles.

Mary: flutter kicks (IC), box cutters (IC) LBC (IC) butterfly big boys (x10)

COR, NOR, announcements, prayers for hush puppy and his family, Viking’s neighbor and the family of Tony Malito family. Always a pleasure to lead this group.


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