BB – The Zoom 3.25.20 w/ Jewel

The morning started off with a slight technical difficulty caused by yours truly… I had set up my own Zoom meeting, and made things more complicated for my fellow PAX, and for that, I apologize. Harbaugh and Handbook were on time, and ready. The rest of the PAX trickled in as they navigated the invite issue I caused…

Holy Roller
Jewel – QIC

Warmup – it’s been discovered that it is easier for the Q to call out the number of reps for each exercise and do all the counting in order to account for the delays across the interwebs… your Q discovered it is also harder to count the entire time, because, I’m not in near good enough shape.

SSH – 25
Toy Soldiers – 25
Michael Phelps
Kendra Newmans
Grass Grabbers
Downward Dog > Runners Pose – Both legs


Round 1: Kraken Burpees – Regular burpee w/ 3 hand release merkins x 10
Jack Webb – 1:4 ratio w/ Merkins & BBSU
the mumblechatter started strong but quickly disappeared about merkin #5
(Total merkin count = 55/ Total BBSU count = 220)

Round 2: Kraken Burpees x 10
Jack Webb – 1:4 ratio w/ overhead press & coupon squat
Pretty sure QIC was cussed multiple times at this point… shoulders were gassed with the Overhead presses

Round 3: Kraken Burpees x 10
Jack Webb – 1:4 ratio w/ Curls & overhead tricep extensions/ skull crushers
The tricep extensions were damn near impossible. I believe almost everyone modified at some point around the 12-16 range. My arms were numb and I’d started to lose hearing at this point. I did manage to hear someone say that they wish they had just gone running. I was thinking the same thing.

6:15 arrived in time to keep us from making it to the next round, and I couldn’t have been happier. We gathered around our connected devices, spoke of the change we are all experiencing. I told the group now more than ever we need to be the positive influence in the world we always talk about, the light in the darkness. I said it to them, and I’ll say it to anyone who actually has read this far, I will be here for each of you through this time. Whatever I can do to help, just call or hit me up in the Mist.

Thanks so much for keeping me accountable, keeping me engaged in all this craziness.
Please stay healthy. Please stay safe. I can’t wait to get back in the Gloom with each of you.


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