BB – 9/3/2020 Sump Pump @ the Temple of Gloom

“Buckets of rain Buckets of tears Got all them buckets comin’ out of my ears.” Bob Dylan

8 Pax showed up this morning for a Taste of the Wet. 75 degrees with on and off downpours that made sure we all stayed soaked. Embrace the Suck!

Aerobie (R), Motor Boat. Violet, Stick Up, Frankenbaby, Russdiculous, Nan Moore, Sump Pump (QIC)

I’m still recovering from an injury, so I informed the PAX that we would not be running today. Some were disappointed, most were not.

5:30 – Disclaimer given. Modify and keep your distance. I may have forgotten to mention that I am not a professional. Off to warmups.

Grassgrabbers /Downward dog /cobra/runners stretch/Nancy Kerrigans/Imperial Walkers/Hillbillies/Calf raises

Thang 1

Burpee, Merkin, Plank Jack Webb cycle.  1/4 ratio of merkins and Plank Jacks with each set starting and ending in the standing position.  Hence the burpee part of the Webb. These got everyone just the right amount of soaked.

Thang 2

We would perform each of the below movements 30 times and then Bear Crawl or Heal Walk from one side of a single tennis court to the other and then back.

30 overhead presses– Bear Crawl or Heal Walk

30 presses, 30 curls – Bear Crawl or Heal Walk

30 presses, 30 curls, 30 rows– Bear Crawl or Heal Walk

30 presses, 30 curls. 30 rows and 30 derkins– Bear Crawl or Heal Walk

30 Calf Raises– Bear Crawl or Heal Walk

30 Lunges– Bear Crawl or Heal Walk

30 Big Boi Sit Ups– Bear Crawl or Heal Walk

Thang 3

Merkin COP – PAX got into a plank position and performed NOR, we would add the first and second number of an age and do that many merkins. Example: 39 years old would be 3+9=14 (if at The Mutt) or 12 merkins at any other AO.

We finished of with a Minute of Balls to the Wall, 19 each of Flutter Kicks and Gas Pumps. Time called.


The theme in COT was to step outside of your daily box and to challenge yourself to do something that you are hesitant to do. The mind is a powerful tool. Let it help you control your destiny.

We also reminded the PAX to reach out to others they have not seen in some time. A call can make a HUGE difference to someone in need.

Aerobie took us out with some encouraging words. We asked the man upstairs to watch over us and we prayed that the workout would be the toughest thing we have to do today. Thankful for this group.

Sump Pump

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