BB – North Posh 10/12/20

This was one of the first WO’s after grow ruck so I was envisioning being the only PAX member to show up. Glad I was not, ETO and Nice and Slow showed. Thanks guys.

Disclaimer was given – not a professional, modify as necessary, you’re here on your own free will, and everything I mention is a suggestion.

We started with COP – 20 SSH, 10 Toy Soldiers, 10 GG, stretches.

The main THANG – We ran down the long way to the bottom of the hill/parking lot. Along the way, we stopped midway down and performed 5 Merkins, 10 plank jacks, and 15 big boys. We then mosied the rest of the way down the hill. Once we got to the parking lot, performed 5,10,15 reps of different exercises. Once each 5,10,15 round was completed, I instructed the PAX to run up the small hill to the gate and back down to the parking lot. We then changed to a different set of 5,10,15 exercises. We did this for about 5 rounds. Exercises included Merkins, plank jacks, mountain climbers, squats, v-ups, big boy sit-ups, LBC’s, flutter kicks, etc.

Once 5 rounds were completed, we ran up the small hill and passed through the gate to the other side. We caught our breath for a 10 count and then ran full speed up the short hill to the next parking lot where we did another 5,10,15 set of exercises.

From here, we ran the back way up the gravel path. We stopped for 20 dips on some park benches before we made our way back. And when I say we ran back, we ran hard. Once back to the top, we busted out 10 burpees and did some stretches.

Kind of a hodgepodge WO, but we were all sweating at the end so it must have been decent.

COR, NOR, COT – thanked the PAX for coming out to support my Q. Always happy to lead!


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