3.5.21 Back Blast – Wisteria @ Pleasantville

I had been a little while since YHC had made the trip to Pleasantville but I was looking forward to the challenge of getting Holly Roller to find that merlot level. He decided to travel on this particular day saving the rest of the PAX from absolute disaster!

Weather: 35 degrees, slight breeze, clear skies.

PAX: Number 2, Jolly Rancher, Focker, Jitterbug, Le Pew, Heimlich, Pew Pew, Big Bird, Schlitz, 1Nut, Buzz Saw, Cratchit, Fertile Myrtle, Dry Rub, Sump Pump, Iceman

Q: Stick Up

COP: Mosey from flags towards meeting street and circle up at the stone towers. SSH (IC) x 43, Toy Soldiers (IC) x 15, Grass Grabbers (IC) x 10, Imperial Walkers (IC) x15, Downward Dog, L/R Calf stretch, Runners Stretch. Mosey back over to the amphitheater and head down to the stage.

THANG 1: It was stated to the PAX this WO was in honor of absolutely nothing important and was only set up to play Paula Abdul’s greatest hits cassette tape I found when it fell out of Dry Rub’s car earlier in the week. In order to show the music the proper respect we followed her advice and took “2 steps forward and 1 step back”. Starting at the bottom of the amphitheater, box just 10x on the first step, proceed to the second and do 10 more box jumps. Hop down one step and perform 10 burpees. Continue this pattern until the PAX reach the top. Once everyone finished, which happened in a much faster time than anticipated due to these beasts, we headed over to the lighted path on the inner circle of the AO.

THANG 2: Keeping with the Paula theme, we split the PAX into two groups and started running. 2 light poles forward, 10 Big Boys, 1 light pole back, 10 Big Boys. Kept up this pattern until we finished a lap and then headed back to the flags for some Mary with a few minutes left.

Jitterbug kindly led us in some Mary and then we finished with some BOYOs.

COT: countOrama, nameOrama, announcements – Monthly Ruck, Dare to Care, intentions, words of thanks.

I was an honor to lead all the men who decided to get up and get better on this Friday morning. Some absolute HIMs I am glad to be associated with! Thanks fellas!

Stick Up

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