BB: The Foundry @The County W/O Heavy Metal

It may have been a dry cool morning, but it was smoking hot in The Foundry.

16+5 HIMs forged their way thru the workout this Morning.

Jewel, Yankovic(R), Wide Right, NaddyLight, JollyRancher, Honeydew, Pelican, Jazelle, DeVitto, Meter Maid, PitBoss(FNG), HolyRoller(R), Tidwell, Wildflower, Brownwater, Focker(Q) + 5 runners (forgot their boots but hit their 7:10 pace strong work brothers) Dauber, Abacus, Backflop, BobRoss, LittleJerry(R).

0530 Disclaimers made and repeated to those who got caught by train(darn train). SSH, MichelPhelps, DD, Merkins, and stuff for warmup. Moseyed half campus returned for coupons and moseyed to the smelting room floor.

Lined about for all to behold was a variety of novel weights, log and rope. We had Big Nuts(158) Little Nuts (98) Baby Nuts x2 (55) Toledo weight (50) Lawn Darts x2 (30) GripandGrin x2 (40) RodsofGod x2 (15) CPL Punishment (100) GreenTick(53) PrayerChain(55) LongDong(70) coupons. (weight expressed in lbs) We went to pouring picking hammering and forging our way thru 2 mins on then shift right off. Heavy Metal nuff said.

0613 Hamstring stretch, Butterfly stretch, shoulder stretch.

0615 Time

Rally around the flag for COR all present and accounted for, NOR

Naming Ceremony commenced for HolyRoller headlock from South Carolina. Fellow peer and confidant. When asked to tell most embarrassing moment he translated that to, most American moment (true Patriot id’ say), and told us about his trip to Mt Rushmore last year. Tom O’Donnell 70y/o former football coach and company executive (I think I remember that correctly) in the Gaming and Casino business. Aptly name PitBoss double respect my brother welcome to F3!

Announcements: Burpee challenge raising funds for a young lady in the community who is single and soon to give birth to first child (choose not to abort Praise God) see Jewel and slack for more info

And flood relief effort continues see Fungi and Slack for more info.


Lifting up an uncle and a grandmother in prayer today. The Lord knows their need and where they are. We pray today He meets them at that need and level. Lifted up all those unspoken, gave thanks on bended knee in reverence to Christ our Risen Savior.

Stood for the Flag!

Carpe Diem Brethren

Focker Out

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