4.19.21 – Backblast w/ Jewel

Got a minute?

Leading up to this, I really needed to run. No better spot than North Posh for a run heavy weinke. I remember when I started, I wouldn’t post here because all I heard was how run heavy this AO was, and back then, I absolutely wasn’t ready for that.

For a minute, I thought I might be running this solo… but then all the PAX rolled in one right after the other.
Double Down
Little Jerry
Jimmy Neutron
Bob Ross
NattyLite – c’mon in HOT
Jewel- Q

To get our heart rates up from the jump, we started with 10 boyos. Then a quick mosey to the sign at US60 and back to the pavilion. Once there, a little COP:
Toy Soldiers
Downward Dog/ Runners stretches
DDP merkin – 10sec on the down, 10sec on the hold, 10sec on the up

Now, back to the running. Off to the pavilion by the lake. Once there, quick stop for
10 Boyos
25 HR Merkins

Once all PAX were finished, off to the lower parking lot.
Once there we did a little mini step ladder.
10 Boyos > run to the top of the hill
10 Boyos > 25 HR Merkins > run
10 Boyos > 25 HR Merkins > run
10 Boyos > 25 HR Merkins > 25 Carolina Dry Docks > run

Goal was to complete this 2x. I think there were a couple that did it. No matter where we made it on the ladder, it sucked.

At 0605 we stopped and ran up the winding hill back to the pavilion. Just in time for a little Mary.
Elevators around the circle

Announcements –
Happy belated to Little Jerry

Appreciate the willingness to work. It’s hard enough to get out of the fartsack any day, let alone on a Monday. When guys come out and bust it on a Monday, it is really appreciated.
Hope it was the hardest thing they had to do yesterday. If not, lean on your F3 brothers. This group is nothing short of incredible.

SYITG – Jewel

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