BB – Incubator @ Posh 5.3.21 w/ Jewel

Nothing forces you to get out of the fartsack on the Monday after Derby like a Q, so that’s what I did, picked up the open slot at Posh on Friday. Also figured I’d torture/ reward anyone else that pried themselves up to try and kill that 2nd day hangover. 0530 and disclaimer was given. Not a professional, here because you chose to be.

Weather – started off with a light rain (which caused me to curse the F4M group that has come back to the Posh), but ended as a good morning to be in the gloom.

Stick Up
Little Jerry (R)
Double Down (R)
Jewel -QIC

DDP Merkin
Toy Soldiers
Grass Grabbers
Downward Dog/ Runners stretches

Wanted to get the HR up and keep it that way… needed to ensure a good sweat. Ladder work it is!
1. 25 curls (175 total if you complete the ladder)
2. 15 Overhead Press (90 total)
3. 10 Manmakers (50 total)
4. 20 Squats (80 total)
5. 10 Burpees (30 total)
6. Nino’s Little Teapots (
7. 15 Russian Deadlifts

Midway through the weinke – Stick Up says to me: “Geeze, how long have you been sitting on this one?” I guess that means it was a good one.

Exercises were performed at the meeting spot at the entrance to the PNC building. Upon completion of the exercises, PAX were instructed to head to the wall at the end of the parking lot for 15 each Derkin/ Dip combo, then complete the loop around the parking lot before heading back to their coupons.

Little Jerry and Double Down are two (R) men not to be messed with. They both killed it this morning, leaving us young whipper-snappers in their collective dust.

Announcements- Dare to Care this week. HC on slack
Intentions – Prayers for Squids’ wife’s aunt prepping for surgery.

Lean on this group for support. This group is amazing.

Honored with every opportunity to lead any member of this fine group.

SYITG – Jewel

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