Back-Blast Monday 05-10-2021 – The Patriot

The Patriot was pretty interesting this morning. We got off to a good start, worked hard, and ended with an example of what makes F3 the best.  PAX:  Holy Roller (R), Yankovic (R), Boss Hogg (R), Big Bird, WILDflower, Focker, Lambeau, Cochran, Alice (FNG), Jewel, Dauber (Q).  A solid 11, including one FNG.
Disclaimer was given/confirmed and we took a lap around the square stopping for 5 burpees at each corner.  We then moseyed down to the bottom of heartbreak hill for a quick COP…SSH IC, SSH double time IC, Kendra Newmans / Michael Phelps, Downward Dog. Boss Hogg stayed up at the parking lot with the coupons because he is the freakin boss. The main thang was hill repeats on Heartbreak Hill with three stations for a countdown of exercise reps (countdown: 40 reps first trip up the hill, then 30, 20, 10 at each station). After reaching the top of the hill and completing exercise each time, mosey back to bottom of the hill for next rep.  Stations were Merkins, Bent Over Rows & Curls, BBSUs.  Great work by everyone, particularly in picking up the six.  That left a little extra time for 20 manmakers and a mosey with coupons back to the statue of Sir Issac Oldham for Mary and ending perfectly on time (Jewel even commented about my timeliness).  
Here are a few highlights from the workout… WILDflower heard everything about the main thang except the countDOWN portion…luckily he figured it out after two sets at 40 reps.  Focker did the most badassest manmakers ever by balancing on the edge of a 30lb plate.  Jewel was on merlot watch with his FNG, while also working with a 150lb sandbag (rough approximation of the weight).  Cochran ran around The Patriot with his curl bar stacked with 50lb weights on each side (again, just a rough approximation).
We then circled around the flag for COT where the magic really happened.  CoR and NoR went smoothly.  We then named the FNG…Jewel said something about him working with robots at work (I actually am not even sure of that), so we somehow landed on the robot maid from the Jetsons who we all thought at that point was named Alice.  So, welcome FNG Alice!  Right about then, a street cleaner started rolling through the LaGrange square (nice timing Boss Hogg) and I could barely hear myself think as we finished up with announcements (COUNTY FAIR at 0530 this Saturday at The County….it’s gonna be awesome), intentions (fantastic work by Yankovic this past weekend raising money for the Crossroads Pregnancy Resource Center), and a final prayer (basically yelling it over the street cleaner).  As we broke, Holy Roller remembered that the Jetsons robot maid was actually named Rosey…So, Alice is pretty much the perfect F3 name.

– Dauber

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