Backblast Saturday-Pelican Q Escalator at the Abyss

Ol F-stop pulled the bait and switch on me. Signed me up to Q and a few days later he let me know start time was moving back to 5 AM. He did give me an out and said I could back out but that’s kind of like when your M says you can go on the boys trip during her birthday weekend. So of course I sucked it up and kept the Q.

Anyways I got up super early and got to the Abyss with a few minutes to spare. The regulars minus Squid and Flip Flop were there-Uncle Sam (R), F-Stop, Mr. Hat and Kitty Litter. I gave the disclaimer and we took a short mosey around the arena (taught F-Stop something new) and back to the smooth non craterous surface of the basketball court. (Backflop can hide in one of the cracks now).

We did COT which was-

Toy Soldiers


Grass Grabbers

Copper Head Squats

Michael Phelps

Kendra Newmans

Downward Dog and Stuff

We finished up and I explained the Thang. At the playground with your coupon you did reps of 5/10/15 of the below exercises. Once you completed the first round you ran to the boat ramp—before heading down you did 3 burpees. At the bottom of the ramp you did 10 reps of merkins/big bois/squats. Run back to the playground but stop for 3 burpees at the top of the boat ramp. When you got back do the next exercises and repeat the run and what followed it (burpees, merkins, etc). The 5/10/15 rounds were:

V-Ups/Coupon Swings/Squats

Manmakers/Thrusters/Calf Raises

Curl to press/shoulder press/Curls

Upright Rows/Bent Over Rows/Skull Crushers

We all got through all four rounds and Mr Hat and Kitty Litter started it again. Much to my surprise my awesome playlist was hi-jacked by Amazon charging a monthly fee to use your own playlists. It tried to play “like” songs which were nowhere near as cool as my hand selected songs. Also they added commercials and I started to feel like I was at a Dauber Q. At one point I came back and the music was off-pretty sure F-Stop pulled the plug using his Site Q powers. Never fear I borrowed $10 from my kids and now have Amazon Unlimited so my playlists you have come to love are restored.

With a few minutes left we did gas pumps since there’s a gas shortage apparently. Then we stretched and called time.

Did CoR, NoR, announcements and intentions. Get out to the County Fair!

Always great to visit the Abyss, I’ll be back in June when time changes back to 5:30 start time—(side note, who do you think has to update the schedule on the website?). Best thing about 5 AM start time is I could fill up my vehicle while the rest of the PAX were working out or fart sacking..Between and full tank and 6 plastic bags full of gas I am good to go.

Always a pleasure to lead


PS-no Airplane again

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