BackBlast – LaGrange BO 5.14.21

I said in the PB – if you want easy, go someplace else.
7 PAX didn’t read the PB, or were undeterred.

Boss Hog (R)
Holy Roller (R)
Yankovic (R)
Captain Crunchberry
Jewel QIC

I’ve said many times I’ve retired the Kraken Burpee from regular use… it was my staple and calling card in 2020, but has since been adopted (to the delight of Uncle Rico) by many others. However, I thought it needed a proper introduction at the LaGrange BO. Today was certainly that day.

0530 – Disclaimer given. YHC is NOT a professional. Take what I say as suggestion, and understand your body and any ailments you may have.

0531 – moseying COP w/ The Kraken countdown
10, 9, 8 , 7, etc… all the way to 1.
55 Krakens (165 HR merkins) to start.

The Thang
Grabbed a spot on the wall at the statue to AMRAP the following…
Curls x 25
Wheezy Jeffersons x 20
Dips x 25
Derkins x 20
Manmakers x 10 (aren’t these required by law where Holy Roller is the site Q?)
Sprint to the end of the block and back
AH HA – but I had a little surprise in store… 3 HUSKY Burpees every 5 minutes via the timer – Burpee/ 2 merkins/ 2 4ct Mtn. Climbers/ Jump Tuck – those SUCK

Finished w/ 3 sets of sprints.

Strong work by all in attendance today. Appreciate the opportunity to lead, as always.

SYITG – Jewel

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