BB- The Foundry @ the County

Was a beautiful and warm morning for a Heavy at the County. Was great to have each of you HIMs out. Was looking for my invited FNG as we started and ultimately realized that he was going to be late. (Not sure the train was the reason, but… Those present and working hard: Time Share
Hardley (FNG)
Brown water
Cart man
AirRaid (R)
Honey Do
Yankovic (R)
Holy Roller (RQ) Disclaimers, and warm up. Downward Dog, Merkins, High Knees, Merkins, High Knees. Mosey to the Thang. DORA While your partner is doing pull ups, – 15 Wall Merkins, 30 Merkins, 40 Burpees, 15 Wall Merkins, 5 second break then while you partner is doing bear crawls up and down the hill – 30 BB Sit-ups, 40 Burpees, 50 Merkins, 10 Wall Merkins. Stopped at 6:16 to do some Mary – Wall Merkins, and more Merkins. COT Announced the Friday Ruck. Go read the website even if you are not doing the ruck. Intentions, Pelican’s Uncle and Aunt, Holy Roller’s Mom.

Ball of Man. Well done HIMs. SYITG Holy Roller.

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