Back-Blast Monday 06-21-2021 – The Patriot LaGrange BO

8 showed up at The Patriot this morning which was perfect because we were going to do figure 8s. The Patriot has a bunch of great options and I have been wanting to run a Q down at the library so that was the plan today. 
Quick props again to Focker and Holy Roller who have gotten The Patriot going and keep head locking new HIMs. I got to workout with two of the newer PAX in LaGrange this morning, along with some Patriot regulars and a couple County Boys. It was a great way to kick off the week. 
PAX – Pelican, Ruby (R), Shade Tree, Swag, Yankovic (R), WILDflower, Focker, Dauber (Q)
Here is what we did:After giving the disclaimer, we circled the statue (I forget his name…Pelican knows) for COP – SSH, Grass Grabbers, Kendra Newmans / Michael Phelps, Downward Dog stretches. 
We then took a quick lap around the square, stopping at each corner for 5 burpees, and then headed on a mosey down to the library forthe Main Thang – Figure 8s…Divided up into 4 groups of 2 (again, perfect numbers for figure 8s) with each group starting at a different island in the parking lot.  We ran in a figure 8 around the islands and each time you got back to your starting island you completed a countdown of exercises – 40, 30, 20, then 10. Exercises: Merkins, 4ct Flutter Kicks, Squats, BBSUs
The figure 8s were not all that confusing, but don’t tell that to Focker. Swag and Shade Tree got a little mixed up on the first trip around but straightened it out pretty quickly. Focker and Yank actually did it right the first couple of times and then digressed into random paths around the islands.  Didn’t matter…everyone was cranking it. Focker and Yank were leading the whole time and Pelican’s new solar watch claims he burned 1,628 calories (but the sun wasn’t out so not sure the watch was working…or actually not sure it was the new watch…I am sure no one else knows what I am talking about or cares at all so I’ll move on). 
On the way back to the statue, we stopped at the bottom of heartbreak hill to catch our breath and then sprinted with all we had left up to the train tracks and over to the statue for dips and reverse crunches before time was called. 
We circled up for COT – CoR (Shade Tree really struggles with CoR), NoR, Announcements, Intentions, Prayer. 
Have a great week boys. 
– Dauber

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