BB – Q School Week with Sump Pump – Minuteman @ The Patriot 8/23/21

PAX Holly Roller(R), Colonel Klink, Shade Tree, Swag, Ruby(R), Focker, Sump Pump(Q)

0530 – No FNG’s. Disclaimer given and we quickly talked about the 5 core principles:


Open to All Men

Always Outdoors

Peer led

Ends in COT.

On to the warm up. Standard fair stuff. Grassgrabbers, Down Dog, etc…

The Thang

Q called out an exercise that started with the first letter of the 5 core principles.

Fire Drill

Overhead Carry

Alternating Shoulder Taps

Paul Abduls

COT – Carolina Dry Docks, One Armed Planks, Thunderstruck

We also did somewhere between 100 and 33 steps ups as a time filler after the PAX crushed my Wienke in record time.

Announcements and intentions. I reminded the PAX that we are here and in order to lead, we must do so from the front.


Sump Pump

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