Back Blast, 9-2-21, The Moonshiner at the Boondocks

On this date, 9-2-45, 76 years ago, the Japanese signed their unconditional surrender on the USS Missouri, thus ending WWII. General Douglas MacArthur represented the USA as the commanding officer of the Asian theatre. It is a good day to celebrate when our US Soldiers are allowed to fight and win wars. To celebrate we did 45 (for 1945) reps of pull-ups, merkins, squats, and 14 other exercises. We also welcomed Single Source as a new PAX. Ask him how he got his name. It is a good story. The 12 PAX who did a great job were: LePew, Focker, Swag, Lambeau, Honey Do, Valdez, Captain Crunchberry, Single source (FNG), Deputy dog, Backflop, Buck shot, and Yankovic (Q).

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