10.8.21 PreBlast:The Chopper @ Vets-BigBird Q

When you pull into The J’Town Veterans Memorial Park you immediately see the 60 foot long Freedom Wall paying homage to all 5 branches of the US Military. Once you walk towards the Seal you notice 8 park benches that display the words “Honor, Duty, Loyalty and Courage.” As you walk forward still you’ll notice The Seal (which if you’ve been here and stepped on it, that would the the first and only time you’ll make that mistake) where it reminds you that it is “The Great Seal of the United States of America.”

For all of these reasons and due to the fact that I’m a visiting Q to the most badass AO in all of F3 Nation, I wanted show respect, throw down a Hero WOD, and honor one of our fallen, “Bert.” And no it is not my Sesame Street comrade…It’s Marine Cpl Albert P Gettings.

All gave some, some gave all…Come out to The Chopper ITG and give your 110% to honor our fallen and earn your weekend! No coupons required.


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