11.24.21 Back Blast: YNot VQ – The Blender @ The Mutt

I love YNot’s story and am so proud of this dude for how far he’s come! I’m not sure if someone gave him the EHL to Q or if he raised his hand on his own but on this day, at The Mutt he would celebrate his very 1st Q. I thought it important to get this blast out there as I know it was special to him and am sure that all who were there that day felt the same.

If you’re not already familiar or haven’t heard your Bird bragging on him, here’s his story: It was Thursday June 10 at The O for a Bag of Wrenches, Motor Boat beatdown, honoring his daughter. I was coming in hot and as I pulled in saw PAX heading to the tennis courts, coupons in tow. As I get out of my car to grab my coupon there was this dude next to me standing at the front of his car. Not being an “O regular” I didn’t recognize this guy to know if he was either. But I thought who else would be up at zero dark thirty, standing where we normally do to get started? So as I pass him I say, “C’mon Man! Let’s Go!” He says, “I was wondering what everyone was doing.” My inner Bird voice told me he had no idea who we were or what we do. This was a perfect HL opportunity! I gave him the nutshell and told him if he wanted to try it out I would stick with him. My only ask was that he stay through till the end. During our mumble chatter I would learn a lot about Alfredo (YNot’s hospital name) but one of the things that he shared with me was that he was up early to start working out because he had to do something to get back in shape! It’s truly amazing how God’s plan works sometimes and it’s a miracle when you can see it in action. YNot, sucking wind and struggling at times made it through the workout as several PAX were helping him out and rooting him on. Now, I don’t want to speak for YNot but I feel like the COT was the glue for him. He saw how we all came together, cut up a bit, celebrated conquering the morning and listened to an ever so eloquent Motor Boat talk about losing his daughter and the strength of this group. I don’t know about everyone else but I had chills. And in case your wondering about his name, it is either super creative or…not so much…but it came from Dauber so I’ll let you be the judge. Since he had no clue what was going on and decided to try it out anyway, Dauber says, how about “Why Not?” And because Pelican always has to have something to add to make sure his voice is heard he says, “yeah, and we can spell it with a capitol Y, capitol N…and so it would be.

+5 months, 62 posts and several rucks later this guy has been “all in” and on this day would have his first taste of the Q juice at The best, most hardworking, prompt, PAX traveling AO in all of F3 Louisville….Le Mutt! In all seriousness I couldn’t imagine a better group of dudes to support this guy on his VQ.

PAX: Fridge, Harry Carey, Unabomber, Jolly Rancher, BigBird, Glen Ross, Handbook, Peeping Tom, OJ, YNot (Q)

0532 Disclaimer was given and off we would go for a mosey. During our mosey YNot said he stole his wienke from someone else but all Glen Ross heard was that must have been his…Fridge agreed…

About 1/4 of the way through YNot ditched the wienke and winged it…maybe it was because GR was on to him…There were countless great moments on this morning but let me share with you just a few: YNot showing his appreciation for Lady GaGa having her song on loop, not knowing what to call Michael Phelps, just opted for Mr. Ponchos (do you think we can get Dredd and Dark Helmet to change up the lexicon?) and finally, YNot after calling out for a 3rd mosey around the school shot out like a man on fire , feeling the full effects of the Q juice. He was loving it and it was awesome to witness.

0610- YNot thanks everyone for coming out and heads to his trunk for the after workout festivities. Now I know Mutters may start early but I didn’t know they called time early too??!! Never fear my avid readers, several PAX chime in to let YNOt know he still had some time to kill. We circled up and he got the assist from a few for 6 minutes of Mary. Big thanks to Unabomber for having us plank and call out numbers to 100. I still don’t know how Glen Ross knows all of those fun facts tied to numbers…or does he?

Closed us out with COR, NOR and COT. Made some announcements and lifted up some intentions. YNot would send us out by reciting the Lord’s Prayer in Spanish. He then would walk us over to the trunk of his car to hand those interested a celebratory bottle of KY Bourbon Ale…even though he doesn’t drink (evidence of this is the lack of bottle opener required. Good thing Harry Carey never leaves home without one…in his wallet…and Fridge can open bottles with his teeth.

Awesome job YNot! Honored to be a part of your day!

If you’re unsure just say….


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