BB Abyss – 01.12.22 – Kitty Litter Q

It was a fine morning in the gloom. Just 3 Pax (YHC, Flip Flop, F-Stop) circled up for hearing the “I’m not a pro” intro, then off we went down to the boat ramp. Sidebar: Is there another AO that can do BOYOs and also commission watercraft? Thought not. Anyway, we dropped for 10 BOYOs, 40 dips, 40 squats, and 40 ‘Merkins as a warm-up. Oh yeah, and grass grabbers, SSHs, etc.

Ran back to B-Ball court for…El Thango! A simple but effective series of 12.5 x Big Boys, run to “near” cone, then 12.5 x Big Boys (25 total), run to “far” cone. Then we switched exercises to Curls, Thrusters, OH Press, Squats, ‘Merkins, and… something else (forgot). Each half set we’d run to cone, burpee, then switch to far cone, burpee, between exercises. Just enough time for 5-min of core work. G’job Men! -KL-

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