BB- The Moonshiner at the Boondocks- 1/20/22- Meter Maid Q

Leading into last night, I thought we would have had snowmageddon. It would be another opportunity to use my 4WD, but alas the weather people got it all wrong. No snow in sight. The only thing that got right was the bitter cold. It was a cold 21 degrees with a cross wind that cut through the pax.

I got out early to get setup. This would be the first potted plant tour at the Boondocks. Since they were nearly tramped at the Mutt late arrivers (big surprise) and by trash trucks at the County, I had a plan to keep them safe. I brought lots of Dauber cones and Backflop lights. I set it up so pax knew not to park there and inadvertently run over them. This is what the setup looked like.

Here were the pax who attended: Lambeau, Sputnik, Yankovich (R), Patty, Holy Roller (R), Honey Do, Focker, Dauber and Meter Maid (Q).

I did a disclaimer and included the black ice warning (Pelican’s favorite) and good thing because during our warmup loop, we encountered some.

We did a quick count and circled up for COP. I started with runners stretch (strict), dropped into Cobra, and then arch hold. Apparently, the pax don’t like laying on the cold ground but back abs are important too. Then, we did some Kendra Newmans (arm circles) and then did some nuclears from 5 (a LePew favorite).

Now we were ready for the main thang. I had potted plants (Sorinex Center Mass Bells), a kettle bell, a few GoRuck sandbags and a Rucker 3.0. You would complete an exercise to failure and then run to the end of the street and back. This kept everyone from getting too cold. I had over 2.6 miles at the end of the workout.

Here were the exercises although some modified into others: stein holds, punch out, bent over flys, overhead press, bench press, halos, skull crushers, kettlebell swings, and weighted merkins.

We had a few minutes for Mary and did 50 four count flutter kicks IC and some gas pumps IC until time was called.

We did COR and NOR. For announcements, the monthly ruck is Saturday at Jefferson Memorial Forest at 7:30pm. See mumblechatter or the special channel setup. I took intentions, said a short prayer and ended with an Our Father.

Always humbled to lead,

-Meter Maid

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