Backblast – Solo @ North Posh – Captain Crunchberry Q – 2.21.2022

I was a little surprised when I pulled up. There were like a bazillion cars in the lot. I forgot some runners were meeting there. When 0530 hit, and the runners departed, all that remained was Edward Scissorhand, Viking, Diane Dukes, Mr. Roper, Harry Caray, and myself.

We started with some standard COP. Side Straddle Hops, Abe Vigodas, Toy Soldiers, Kendra Newman, Michael Phelps.

Then we moved into an extended version that included jump ropes. My Q was a rewind of a previous Q, that was inspired by Muhammad Ali. As a boxer, you kne hw trained with jump ropes. So we did about a minute of a typical jump rope motion, then did one where we jumped side to side. We then followed that up with one that you jump forward and backward. We then finished up with single legged jump ropes.

On to the main THANG. “Pain plus 5.” Muhammad Ali said he didn’t count all his situps. He only counted the ones that hurt. So the goal, was to rotate through curls, dips, and merkins. Complete as many as possible, but when you felt like you were approaching failure, start counting. Count to 5. After completing a full cycle, a mosey to Shelbyville Road and back. Rinse and repeat.

We completed 3 or 4 cycles, and then moved to a Jack Webb. Which is the typical 1:4 ratio consisting of glute bridges, and LBC. I broke the last round of 40 into two sets of 20.

With just a few minutes remaining, we closed out with some Mary which consisted of Shoulder Taps, and a plank for time.

Announcements and Intentions.

Until next time!

-Captain Crunchberry

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