BB-May 4th 2022-The Range @ The Patriot

16 HIMs worked hard to reach Jedi status and not succumb to the Dark Side. All I know about Jedi training can be summed in the five minutes or so of film from the Empire Strikes Back. Seemed easy, you lift heavy things, run around a bit, and stay away from the Dark Side.

Getting to it:

Warm up was a mosey around the court house, followed by Side Straddle Hops, Toy Soldiers, Downward Dog, Mountain Climbers, Arm Circles and some Michael Phelps.

We then grabbed our coupons and moseyed on down to the parking lot. This would be the Light Side of the force and half way down Heartbreak Hill would be the Dark Side. To train like a Jedi we were going to lift heavy things, like coupons, in the Light Side and do a mirror in the Dark side without our coupons. To cover the run part, we would do that up and down the hill.

Light side was Man Makers x10, Derkins x20, Big Boys x30, Thrusters x40, and Hill Billies x50.

Dark Side was Burpees x10, Merkins x20, LBCs x30, Squats x40, and Imperial Walkers x50.

We ended with some Mary and the COT where we welcomed a FNG who shall be known as Floyd. Not a very Star Wars name, but it fit, so we went with it.

Lessons learned:

  1. 4 count Hill Billies x50 followed by Imperial Walkers x50 is something I need to apologize for. I won’t, but I should.
  2. You can’t stay away from the Dark Side. It’s that place where you tell yourself that you don’t have to push yourself to be better. It’s dark, no one will know if you slack off. Heck, you didn’t even bring a coupon down the hill, rest a bit. Except, we do want to be better. That’s why we got out of bed.

Figuratively, the Dark Side is inside each of us and we give it a voice. We don’t have to listen to it however. That is how we stay away from that place even when we are physically standing in the middle of it. Push away your doubt that you can do this and take strength from those standing next to you going through the same. That is one of the things that F3 is about and I’m glad that we had a chance to reinforce this idea even if it was by reliving a child’s fantasy of being able to train like a Jedi. Thanks to everyone who came out and May the 4th be with you.

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